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Once again, Aeroclub Livno is welcoming everyone to the Grand Prix event where it will be held in Livno, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

A relatively unknown gliding site for many glider pilots, it is thanks to the persistent work and great effort of aeroclub's members we are able to organize events and spread light on this hidden soaring paradise. World class glider pilots will perceive all the benefits of this small gliding paradise. Very comfortable airspace, superb weather conditions, amazing landscape and above all very friendly people will give focus at a new gliding spot on the map.

For those who can't participate at the event, you can follow us live on this page and main social media.

Registration is open until 1st May 2022.

The SGP will be in 18 meter class.

Those keen to know more below is a little introductory text regarding the club and local area check Hidden Soaring Paradise Coming to Light and feel free to visit out club website at