SGP WGC Ranking List

Registration is open until 1st May 2022. Twenty pilots will be selected to compete, and several will be selected in reserve. The full list will be published after the closing date. Please register here

Preliminary Registered Competitors

Pilot Glider Country
Christoph Limpert ASG29ES Germany s
Jože Verdev JS-1/18 Slovenia
Jernej Lokovsek JS-3 Slovenia
Stefan Langer ASG29 Germany s
Tim Sirok ASH26E Germany s
Luka Žnidaršič Ventus 3 FES Slovenia
Maximilian Schäfer Ventus 3M Germany s
Matthias Sturm JS3 Germany s
Hendrik Löser LS8-18m Germany s
Matthias Schucka LS8-18 Germany s
 Boštjan Pristavec   Slovenia
Gintas Zube ASG29E Lithuania
Jon Gatfield AS33Es Great Britain
Giancarlo Grinza Ventus3F Italy
Pasi Pulkkinen JS3 Flag of Finland 1
Uroš Krašovic  Ventus 3M Slovenia